Like many people around the world lately, I’ve been watching the Olympics. The pageantry, the power, and the dedication is always such an inspiration. One quick comment caught my attention. It was during a commercial, of all things, but don’t ask me what they were advertising. US gymnast Simone Biles said she spends 300 days a year at the gym.

My mind locked after I heard that.

300 DAYS!?!?

That would give her only sixty-five off-days. And I figure those days were probably spent traveling to and from competitions.

Michael Phelps has competed in five Olympics, medaling in four, and is one of the most decorated Olympian with twenty-seven medals, twenty-two of them Golds.

So I began to wonder, just this focus and perseverance would translate into other, non-physical fields. Also, when Michael was seven and playing around in the pool, did he know what the future held for him?

When JK Rowling looked out that train window in the English countryside and first envisioned Hogwarts, did she know that she would soon change the world?

In truth, none of us truly know what outcomes our current actions have in store for us. I’m sure even they had questions and maybe even thoughts about quitting or giving up. I mean, what’s the point, right? All the long hours spent perfecting each move, or each stroke, or even each word, and for what?

For the possibility.

Is that enough?

I believe in magic. So yes. I believe that is enough.