I do! Why is it that some people think that all authors are good at this? Stories? Those things I’ve got. You want a fantasy about a family of royal chipmunks and their battle for supremacy of the ancient oak castle? It might take me a while, but I could come up with something.

But ask me to blog about anything, and I’m sunk. Ideas vanish like dew in the morning sun.

So when my publicist…Sorry. I get so excited when I can actually say that. Maybe she’s not exclusively mine, but still. Alright, back to things. When she asked for enough posts for a month long blog tour, my stomach did a little vanishing act of its own.

You…you mean, like, thirty of them?

She assured me that some would be just excerpts, others reviews, possible interviews, but some would be straight blog posts.

Uhhhh, sure. I got this, right? I mean, I am a writer after all. I should be able to come up with short, 1K worth of information. But boy, did I have questions? The first question isn’t probably the one you’re thinking of (that one came second). First question: Do they have to be completely new?

Of course, the answer was yes. Drat. Because I have some pretty entertaining blogs from early days. But no, if anyone wants to hear my off-the-wall thoughts on clothes, or hockey, they’ll have to search through my website.


Alright, now time for question two: what do I write about? I feel like one of my students, needing guidelines. A general direction would even be enough. Luckily, she steered me toward things about me since these are for readers and not writers.

Okie dokie. But but but…

Do I overthink things? Just a bit. So, I opted not to reinvent the wheel and consulted the great god Google. Yup, you got it. I looked up “Blog post ideas.” Wow. So many different ways to spin that one. The best was a list of 365 ideas for a new blog each day. Some were too short (Write a poem about your favorite day of the week) and some were just not for me (Write a post about an outfit you enjoy). But, hey, any port in a storm, right?

I tell secrets, talk about my love of movies, answers questions about life, and even shared some snippets and teases. And the reviews! Holy cow! Did I mention the kind reviews?

So, at the end of it all, I created eight brand new and unique blog posts. Maybe it was ten. So many new words.

Have to say thank you to those amazing bloggers. You guys rock! That is not an easy job.