2212, 2019

A guy with three arms walks into a bar…

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"A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away..." Those few words changed my entire life. It was almost my birthday all those many moons ago the day Star Wars hit the scene. And yes, I was there. Even picked up a shirt a while ago declaring that fact. I had always been into sci-fi before this. I read [...]

1107, 2019

Dreams made real

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Set the way back clock to around 2005. I was wandering through the aisles of Borders (back when brick and mortar stores were the only place to find books) and came upon an intriguing title. Kiss of the Night. I don't know why I grabbed the book. I still have it, the cover's image of a handsome and mysterious man [...]

2302, 2019

How to create a new world

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"Where do you come up with your ideas?" Wow. Good question, to be sure. Back when I first toyed around with the idea of doing serious writing, I asked what publishers are looking for. Yeah, not so good of a question. I'm not sure which was truly worse: my question or the generic answer. I was told publishers are looking [...]

908, 2018

What makes a romance?

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Sounds like a crazy question coming from an author claiming to have written five of them. But that doesn't make the query any less valid. For most people, when you say romance, images of heart-shaped candy boxes, long stemmed red roses, and probably bearskin rugs and roaring fires pop into mind. But is that it? Not that any of those [...]

2803, 2018

Reasons why I suck at blogging…

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I do! Why is it that some people think that all authors are good at this? Stories? Those things I've got. You want a fantasy about a family of royal chipmunks and their battle for supremacy of the ancient oak castle? It might take me a while, but I could come up with something. But ask me to blog about [...]

2312, 2017

Fame and the Big Kid’s Table

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The other day, I was out holiday shopping with one of my writer friends at a local mall. It was early enough in the week, so the walkways weren’t overly crowded and the people were still polite. We were heading toward our next destination when I hear my name squealed out. Not this name. My other name. My real name. [...]