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Sending Telegrams to the World by Devorah Fox

Mark Twain’s advice to writers is to tell a story. “If you have a message, send a telegram,” he’s quoted as saying.


I respond with chagrin because I’m not a storyteller. Instead I write with missionary zeal about an insight or experience that helped me, something I want to share in the hope that it will create change, help others. I don’t spin a yarn. I deliver a message.

It was that motivation that drove me to write The Lost King. Several simultaneous traumatic events occurring on the same day pulled the rug out from under a friend’s feet, completely derailing his life. I endeavored to paint in words a picture of how it could end “happily ever after.” I wrote a riches to rags story in which the beleaguered medieval King Bewilliam battles his way from loss to redemption (and every dragon in between). I figured that once I put that out into the universe, showed how it was possible, it would be more likely to happen.


In The Lost King I wrote,

While peering into his past had terrified him into near paralysis, facing a questionable future did not fill him with fear. 

Before him was the featureless ocean and a pale cloudless summer sky, blank as a parchment on which something had yet to be inscribed. If he turned his back to the water and looked back over the land, he saw an entire world stretched before him.

All that was left for him to do now was to find his place in it.

This turned out to be harder than I thought; giving rise to an epic fantasy series. The King’s Ransom picked up where The Lost King left off, followed by The King’s Redress. The Redoubt, Book Four in The Bewildering Adventures of King Bewilliam, just launched a few weeks ago. Because King Bewilliam still has lessons to learn and share, I have Book 5 in mind.


TheLostKing with Seal JPGPerhaps if I simply told stories, I wouldn’t have this intrinsic doubt about writing, which is, “why do it?” Why should anyone care about my perspective? I’m an authority about nothing, not even, most of the time, my own life.

My question was answered with the first piece of fan mail that the King Bewilliam books received:


I found the time to absorb this story and this is exactly what it has done: 

Not since “Tuesdays with Morie” has any story captivated me so. Your work will no doubt enhance the way I portray my thoughts in my writings … King BeWilliam and I share a common thread — we both seek a conclusion.


and another reader wrote:


…I haven’t read anything to speak of since I was 40 except for a few inspirational books or books about politics. The last serious reading I did was the John Jakes series, the Centennial books, the Jean Auel series and Lonesome Dove. So, it’s been a while. I suppose you are responsible for reviving my interest in reading fiction.


What higher praise could a writer want? And I had the answer to my question. Why write? How else could I promote transformation? How else could I send a telegram to the world?


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