Project Description

A Curse of Forever

Only true love can break the solitude of eternity.

Growing up in small town New England, Laurel Holgrave has had her fill of ghost stories. Leaving the cozy coastal hamlet of Lanchester, Rhode Island to be thrust into the hustle and bustle of big city Boston, she puts her past behind her while pursuing her dream of become a reporter. Yet, when news come to her from her estranged mother about the death of her beloved grandfather, she must return to her roots and finds herself reliving her childhood memories as she stares up at the weathered tower of Black Bay Lighthouse.

In 1693, Nathaniel Myles Fairfax met with a cruel fate. On a stormy night, he stumbled upon his betrothed with a demon. Enraged, she spat out a vile curse, tying him forever to the confines of Black Bay lighthouse. Over three hundred and twenty-five years later, he exists as nothing more than a cautionary tale told by campfire light. But when the tempting tones of a female’s voice fill the abandoned tower, he takes a daring chance and speaks to the beautiful late night visitor.

After discovering the agonizing truth behind the legend, Laurel must now unravel the mystery to save the man who captured her heart. Can love break the spell or will time torch their dreams?


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