So much to do…

  • Book four is well on it’s way. Peaceful Guardian Anton has his hands full with his fiery spiritmate, Danika and I am loving it.
  • The Rise of the Stria is in the hands of a new publishing house, Fiery Seas. Soon, the romantic sci-fi trilogy will be gracing bookshelves, digital as well as brick and mortar.
  • Taking a chance, I tossed my hat into the ring of another anthology and was lucky enough to be accepted. So, this fall, a whole new story with a unique set of characters, will grace the virtual pages of SFR Shooting Star’s Cosmic Love Cabaret.
  • In preparation for the LA Times Festival of Books in late April, Spirit Song will be given a new coat of paint as it arrives in print form. Teasers will be posted in just a few days.

Words in the present, words in a distant future. Words for love and words for battles.

So many words needed to tell all these stories.

And in between, there is still the day job, laundry, dishes, eating, sleeping, and that little thing called life.

Would I trade any second of it?

Not on your life.


But finding more minutes in each day would be very helpful, indeed.