Have you ever had that moment when you thought, “Gee, did I say that out loud?” Sometimes it happens after you’ve made that rather vocal faux pas and all eyes in a room are pointed your direction as if you arrived naked. Other times, and these are the times I am referring to, are when you show up at a designated meeting place and time, yet no one else is there.

You panic. Did you actually tell your friend to meet you at the coffee shop on the corner in half an hour, or did you just imagine it?

Perplexed, you naturally call your friend after making the other necessary calls. Hospitals, morgue, their spouse, their spouse’s boss. The standard routine.

Sure enough, come to find out, your friend is just fine and sitting at home thinking how lovely it would be to get together for some coffee.

You, my friend, have made the classic blunder. You assumed.

I remember watching a movie ever so long ago in which one of the characters explains, rather eloquently, the true definition of the word “assume.” Let’s face it. We’ve all heard it. It involves dividing the word into three parts: ASS, U, and ME.

It was quite the joke, but the kernel of truth is still just as relevant today as it was in that movie.

Hearing phrases such as “Oh, I thought you knew” or “Didn’t so and so tell you?” are becoming far too common place. I honestly believe we all have the best of intentions.

It’s just the follow through where humanity needs some help.