As another year quickly circles the drain, it’s time for those life changes that we never fulfill. Yeah, it’s resolution time. Time to declare to all who listen, after enough egg nog or champagne, that this year, we’re gonna get to the gym. We’ll quit smoking and stop swearing. We’ll be kinder to others and love our neighbors.

And these last for about two weeks until we’re back on the couch, beer in hand and swearing at whichever quarterback forgot which jersey color was his.

This year, I’m not going to look too far forward. This year, it’s time to look back. 2015 was peppered with curve balls from life that I was unable to dodge. Each new hit pushed me further and further away from the person I was only two years ago.

Truth is: I really liked that person. They were strong and had a good head on their shoulder. They smiled more, laughed harder and lived to the fullest.

So, my resolution is to go backward. I resolve to find the me from 2013. Granted, I can’t take back the horrible events that pulled me from that version of me, but I can move past them. They will continue to shape who I am, but I will no longer let them dictate who I am.

As my brain child Eamon said, “Life gets messy. It’s just the way of it sometimes.”

Time to take my own advice and welcome back myself in 2016.