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Fame and the Big Kid’s Table

The other day, I was out holiday shopping with one of my writer friends at a local mall. It was early enough in the week, so the walkways weren’t overly crowded and the people were still polite. We were heading toward our next destination when I hear my name squealed out. Not this name. My [...]

Fame and the Big Kid’s Table2018-10-22T12:52:09+00:00

Should old acquaintance be forgot…

As another year quickly circles the drain, it's time for those life changes that we never fulfill. Yeah, it's resolution time. Time to declare to all who listen, after enough egg nog or champagne, that this year, we're gonna get to the gym. We'll quit smoking and stop swearing. We'll be kinder to others and [...]

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The start of the spooktacular month

The creaking door. The deep and silent woods. The unearthly howls in the dead of night. All the elements that make the blood curdle and the skin crawl. But what truly makes a good scare? Is it the unoiled hinge on a basement door, or a serene forest setting by moonlight? It's the unknown. H.P. [...]

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Can I have ‘Passive/Aggressive Behavior’ for $200?

Words. There are thousands upon thousands of them in our stockpile and more are being created all the time. Some we use on a daily basis, some we hear far too often. Others we save for special situations, while others are only for special people. So, with this wonderful variety of possible choices, why is [...]

Can I have ‘Passive/Aggressive Behavior’ for $200?2017-03-31T08:13:44+00:00

What makes a friend?

We have all heard that people will move in and out of our lives. Some are taken from us, while others choose to leave us behind. But what do we do when people refuse to allow us to have a life without them? A person whom I have considered to be a friend for a [...]

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Who do the “got to” go to?

Think about it. Everyone has someone they go to when, well, when life just gets to be too much. When things feel too crowded, too far away, too disconnected or, just plain too much. But where do ‘they’ go? Who can they turn to? You can’t go to the people you listen to: nine times [...]

Who do the “got to” go to?2018-10-22T12:52:11+00:00

Here I go…

I have a release date. After one year of fretting, worrying, panicking, and nearly giving up, the words I penned are about to hit the public eye. When I first started writing this story almost six years ago, I dreamt that maybe I would get enough nerve to submit it. And now, I have a [...]

Here I go…2017-03-31T08:14:29+00:00

A different path

Sometimes when we think we have everything we want, we get presented with the one thing only found in dreams. Robert Frost called it 'the path less traveled by,' but in truth, so many have walked this same stretch of woods, I'm not sure that I will be found within the forest surrounding me. Writing [...]

A different path2017-03-31T08:14:42+00:00
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