Let’s see. Seven sins, fifty-two virtues. Yeah, FIFTY-TWO. I just checked. One for each week, just like one since for each week day. The whole seven sins/seven virtues? Yeah, that only works if you’re Catholic. Four cardinal virtues and three theological virtues. But somewhere along the line, I guess the world decided we needed to be more virtuous than sinful. Whatever.

But have you ever noticed that ‘Patience’ is the only one we have to get constant reminders notices about? When was the last time someone ever said to you, “Prudence is a virtue?” Oh, and patience ISN’T one of the big seven. Nope. It came along with the Virtue-a-Week calendar list.

Maybe it’s because 99% of our lives is spent in waiting for something, or on someone.  So many things go from our hands into the great unknown and all we can do is, well, wait to see if what our creations are good enough to cut the muster.

Then we hope, which is one of the big seven, by the way.

Ah, what an amazingly complex being we are. But since it’s all we’ve got for right now, I guess it’ll just have to do.