Well, one month ago, I sat before my laptop and watched as my dream became a reality. I had a published novel! Yup. After months of writing, years of vacillating, piles of rejects and scads of edits, my baby was now in the eyes of the world.

So…now what? What was I expecting, a NY Times contract in the mail and a check for a billion dollars? Yeah, not really.

It is a LOT of work!! I mean, I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but between trying to get the word out via social media, and word of mouth, and let’s not forget working on the next story, going to my regular day job, and the standard daily necessities like eating, sleeping and having some family time…UGH!!!!

A wise man once said “Be careful what you wish for.” Not all dreams are easy to manage, but the fact that I have accomplished it has me bowing at the feet of all the authors out there.


Success is a long journey, not a destination.