We always heard there’d be days like these. Whether it was from Mom, from teachers, or that niggling voice in the back of your head, I heard there were going to be times when you just wanted to throw in the towel and find an easier path.

Something to do that was peaceful and simple. Something uncomplicated and guaranteed to be successful.

Do I wish I had listened?

Is life supposed to be simple and easy? Just the act of being alive is a testament of tenacity and strength. Breathing takes eighteen separate muscles working in harmony. Life was never meant to be easy; it was meant to be lived. That includes blood, sweat and tears. It means the good and the bad.

Singers, poets, and even parents and TV shows, warned us of difficult times.

So I think I’ll keep the towel draped over my shoulder for another day. I have a feeling I’m still gonna be needing it. Quitting never was one of my strong suits.