I have a release date.

After one year of fretting, worrying, panicking, and nearly giving up, the words I penned are about to hit the public eye.

When I first started writing this story almost six years ago, I dreamt that maybe I would get enough nerve to submit it.

And now, I have a release date.

On Friday June 20, the world will be introduced to the voices in my head. Complete strangers will learn about the imaginary heroes I spent many nights listening to, arguing with and definitely falling in love with. Now is the moment when I must let go and hope that the readers are as kind, loving and accepting as I have been.

This must be what parenting feels like, hoping you’ve done the right things and that you’ve made the strong enough to face the world.

Or that, if you really screwed things up, they’ll find people who are just like them. One can hope.