Sometimes the best intentions have the worst timing as Guardian Warrior Galen Alexiou discovers when his spiritmate reaches for him in a subconsciospirit-boundus act of desperation. Rushing in, he saves her from the torturous hands of puppets controlled by Rogue Warrior Stefan de Coldreto.

With this mysterious young beauty in his hands, he must learn how his enemies were able to find the female holding his
before he did. When Calliope Vandeen awakens, chained and battered after being abducted, she holds little hope of rescue.

Her deliverance arrives first as a seductive voice in her head before taking form as a compassionate angel, swooping in and carrying her to safety. Her confusion grows as her sexy and lethal knight in black leather proves himself to be much more than meets the eye.

As dark and evil forces swirl around them, can they discover the love that will save them?

The Romance Review