What is NaNo, you ask? Well, it’s the idea that if you sit in front of your computer during the month of November, staring at the flickering black cursor on that blank white page, inspiration with kick you in the ass and words will magically flow from your fingers and you will have a beautifully crafted, ready for consumption masterpiece.

Yeah, and pretty little unicorns fart rainbows.

This is my fourth attempt at this event, and I do say attempt because I have yet to meet the 50K goal in the allotted amount of time. Did I finish each of the projects? Yes, but not until much later. The first project is still a work in progress, the second is actually the my second published book, and the third is the start of my sci-fi trilogy. So, naturally, this year, I’m taking on the second book in my sci-fi trilogy. I mean, why not, right? After all, the concept was conceived, so to speak, during this event last year.

Then why the hell am I sitting here blogging about it and not eagerly tippy-typing away on it? Because forced writing sucks! My muse is being his normal asshat self and is probably playing Halo 5 in the corners of my mind as we speak. I have an entire day off and he’s not in the mood.

So here I sit, watching ‘Saving Private Ryan’ and hoping today, I can catch up and get over this stall.

Hey, wait a second? Can I count these words?! I mean, I did write them after all, right?