Dear Readers:

What’s better than taking a leisurely vacation on a full-service holiday ocean liner? Well, how about taking one on a space liner cruising the universe? And even though it means going the distance, crossing over into many strange galaxies and through a dozen or so special worlds, you’ll want a ticket to board. Since this ship’s stories are all SFR, with the emphasis on romance, it’ll be like transporting directly on board a futuristic season of The Love Boat.

I’m excited to announce that I’m contributing an original story to this SFR anthology, The Cosmic Cabaret, releasing fall 2017, in which all the writers are creating stories for a shared world setting on a giant luxury space ship, the LS Quantum, which will be passing through each author’s unique world. The list of authors may be familiar to you if you read either paranormal romance or science fiction romance. Authors who’ve booked their passage on this outstanding first voyage are:

Cathryn Cade (writing as CJ Cade)
Kerry Adrienne
Rosalie Redd
Belinda McBride
Jayne Fury
Dena Garson
Selene Grace Silver
Cailin Briste
Tessa McFionn
Athena Grayson
Kat Vancil
Blaire Edens
Jenna Lincoln
Diana Rivis

Information about the authors and the individual stories will be posting bi-monthly starting in June on the SFR Shooting Stars website. I hope you’ll drop by during the summer to peruse the planned events and learn more about the ship’s special travelers. Sign-up for the monthly SFR newsletter to make sure you don’t miss any last minute additions.

Happy Reading!