One month into the life of a published author…

Well, one month ago, I sat before my laptop and watched as my dream became a reality. I had a published novel! Yup. After months of writing, years of vacillating, piles of rejects and scads of edits, my baby was now in the eyes of the world. So…now what? What was I expecting, a NY [...]

One month into the life of a published author…2016-01-25T07:39:39+00:00

The Big Kid’s pool…

Do you remember being a kid during the summer? Growing up in Southern California, I was fortunate enough to have a neighbor with a pool. Ah, the greatest moment on a hot July day was the chance to jump into the cold waters. It was open to everyone…except for the deep end. No, that was [...]

The Big Kid’s pool…2018-10-22T12:52:11+00:00
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