There are thousands upon thousands of them in our stockpile and more are being created all the time. Some we use on a daily basis, some we hear far too often. Others we save for special situations, while others are only for special people.

So, with this wonderful variety of possible choices, why is it so difficult to say what we truly want? Have we, as a species, been trained that to voice our desires is somehow wrong or selfish.

But, sometimes, we have to be selfish. Instances arise when we must think of ourselves first and foremost. We’re even told during every in-flight debrief on every airline, that in case of an emergency, we must put on our own mask before assisting others.

Then why, for the love of all the tea in China, can’t people just say, ‘hey, this is something I truly want?’ But no, some people chose to meekly shrug, stating ‘oh, it’s no big deal. I mean, if it’s okay with you, then this is something I wouldn’t mind doing.’

Step up. Use your words and SPEAK YOUR DAMNED MIND. We were given language since, at this current phase in our evolution, we cannot read the minds of others. I might be good, but I’m not that good. All of us are intuitive to some level, but if you tell me that you’re alright if you don’t do something, then gee whiz, I’m going to just assume that you are truly okay with not doing something.

I am a firm believer in the notion that the bulk of the problems in this world today come from a lack of communication, not an overabundance of it.