Only his undeterred love can soothe her jaded heart.

Danika wished the voice behind her didn’t make her knees buckle. She also wished season tickets for Fenway Park would appear in her mailbox, but that wasn’t happening either.

After waking from a quick catnap, she’d stayed and watched over her mysterious fighter while he’d slept. As the daylight grew and more of him came into focus, she’d seriously wondered why she thought he needed any help from her. She crawled closer to better take in all the details.

Her first analysis of his size was spot on. He was a big as a tank and twice as solid. She should have realized that since she’d dragged his carcass into its current surroundings. Even through the slashed and blood-soaked thermal shirt, she could count each defined cut in his washboard abs. His biceps rivaled her thighs, and she hadn’t even started on anything below the beltline.

Black leather wrapped around his tree-trunk legs, the thick Harley Davidson biker gear a little out of place even in her blue-collar neighborhood. The worn duster and massive boots looked to be cut from the same cloth.

Damn, they sure didn’t make guys like that anymore.