Spirit Fall

After a year-long depression following the murder of her fiancé, Siobhan Whelan stands on a bridge, tormented by unending nightmares, one step away from jumping.

Only the kindness of a seductive stranger brings her back down to earth. But the handsome stranger is more than meets the eye, and soon Voni finds herself thrust into a strange new world.

For seven hundred years, Malakai Vadim has shouldered the mantle of Guardian Warrior. But a chance encounter with the tormented beauty brings him face to face with his destiny.

His nemesis, Dmitrius Konstantin, has been feeding Voni’s grief through nightmares, wanting her and her untapped powers for his own.

As Kai learns of his foe’s deadly interest, he must solve the riddle of Voni’s tortured dreams while holding his growing desire for her at bay.

Too bad the enemy Rogue Warriors have other plans.

Now, along with fellow Guardian Eamon McClearon, Kai must venture into the In-Between, the enemy’s powerbase, to save her soul as well as his own.

But can his love be strong enough to save them both?


This is an amazing book. The characters are well developed, the scenes draw you right into their world. The story just comes to life for you from beginning to end. There’s is a little bit of everything in this book and I can’t wait to read more from this author. With so many unexpected twists in the story you are never sure about the ending. Keeps you on the edge of your seat wondering what’s going to happen next. This book is definitely worth reading if you enjoy a well written story. 5 stars all the way. Happy Reading!
Cheryl, This is an amazing book. The characters are well developed