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Holiday Madness

Can it not already be the end of December? Now, don't get me wrong. This year hasn't been roses and friggin' ponies, and many of the events are definitely not on my "Gee, let's do that again" list. But c'mon!!! I have four batches of cookie dough in my fridge, two more about to get [...]

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Five Star Review The Romance Reviews

Sometimes the best intentions have the worst timing as Guardian Warrior Galen Alexiou discovers when his spiritmate reaches for him in a subconscious act of desperation. Rushing in, he saves her from the torturous hands of puppets controlled by Rogue Warrior Stefan de Coldreto. With this mysterious young beauty in his hands, he must [...]

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Five Star Review Paranormal Romance Group

This is the second book in the Guardians Series and so far my favorite. Calliope Vandeen (Cal) is a student at the San Francisco College of Arts and Humanities where she is working on a degree in Classic Civilization. For years Cal has been unable to sleep for more than an hour a day [...]

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Reflections on tradition

Thanksgiving is a time for traditions. Family gathering around a perfectly roasted turkey, the table joyfully decorated with autumn leaves and bowls heaped high with stuffing and mashed potatoes. Laughter filling the air as stories from the previous year are told and retold. Everyone sitting around the television screaming for whichever team is the favorite [...]

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Accepting a gracious defeat

Yes, you heard right. Accepting defeat. I quit. I give up. I'm done. Each year, in November, in the midst of everything else I have going on, I foolishly look to the interwebs and choose to participate, along with many others, in the National Novel Writing Month project. And every year, for the past four, [...]

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Create a novel in a month? Sure, why not

What is NaNo, you ask? Well, it's the idea that if you sit in front of your computer during the month of November, staring at the flickering black cursor on that blank white page, inspiration with kick you in the ass and words will magically flow from your fingers and you will have a beautifully [...]

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That which does not scare us…

Drip, drip, drip. Monica slammed her hands over her ears, squeezing her eyes shut, hoping to shut off that sound. That infernal, incessant noise. Every day, she awoke more tired than she had gone to bed, blearily facing the monotony of her day, staring at her computer screen as the whining callers complained about their [...]

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The start of the spooktacular month

The creaking door. The deep and silent woods. The unearthly howls in the dead of night. All the elements that make the blood curdle and the skin crawl. But what truly makes a good scare? Is it the unoiled hinge on a basement door, or a serene forest setting by moonlight? It's the unknown. H.P. [...]

The start of the spooktacular month2017-03-31T08:13:35+00:00
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